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Mary Ainsworth Plaque Project

Slide Presentation: 

Infant Attachment and the

Ainsworth Strange Situation

Everett Waters


A critique of Attachment Research:

Slide Presentation by Everett Waters 

- An insightful and often humorous look at the current state of research

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Preface to the 2015 Edition of 

Patterns of  Attachment


Two key components that enable parents to build strong relationships with their children are sensitivity and responsiveness to the child's  needs, both physical and emotional.

When parents can provide this care in a predictable manner, young children develop the coping, problem-solving and relationship skills they need to succeed in life. These 

components that comprise 

responsive parenting have been most thoroughly studied in the field of attachment theory and research. 


The Center is devoted to to increasing the understanding of this process through the support of research, the sponsorship of conferences, and the development of media projects. Also, research conducted in this area is recognized by the presentation of the Bowlby-Ainsworth awards. This was established in 2003 to recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions in attachment research. 

In addition, this site highlights 

existing programs and articles that are focused on increasing parental responsiveness. A related area important to the Center's work is examining the obstacles to responsiveness that have been studied largely through the psychoanalytic tradition.


2019 Bowlby-Ainsworth Award Winners 

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