Promoting understanding of parent-child relationships

Two key components that enable parents to build strong relationships with their children are sensitivity and responsiveness to the child's physical and emotional needsas well as their strivings for autonomy.

When parents can provide this care in a predictable manner, young children develop the coping, problem-solving and relationship skills they need to succeed in life. 


Center Projects lists our past support devoted to increasing the understanding of this process through research, the sponsorship of conferences, and the development of media projects. Also, beginning in 2003 the Center sponsored the presentation of the Bowlby- Ainsworth awards.  This biannual award recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions in attachment research. 


Mental Health Promotion- this section lists articles and sites that address the current state of mental health in this country. Also listed are strategies that, if implemented widely, could promote mental health in children and their families.


For Parents provides a brief overview of what is involved with being a responsive parent, as well as some of the challenges that a parent might face when interacting with their children. Also included are resources and programs that may help parents.



  Bowlby-Ainsworth Awards 2021

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