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Promoting understanding of parent-child relationships

The Center for Mental Health Promotion was founded in 1998 with the broad mission of exploring ways of promoting

mental health in children and families. Research has shown that contingent, responsive parenting can lead to the most favorable outcomes for children in terms of their cognitive, emotional, social, and physical health. 


Current Focus:  This site aims to be a resource where information on the factors that can both enhance responsive parenting as well as derail it is highlighted. Emphasized are the types of challenges that may be encountered by parents, particularly those that may be out of conscious awareness. Gaining a greater understanding of these challenges is the best means for reducing the negative patterns that can develop as our personalities form. 


Parent Section

The sections focus on what's involved in providing sensitive and responsive care to your children. Also included is an overview and related resources for the typical Challenges that parents may encounter. There are also Parent resources and Support Programs that may be helpful.


Center Projects

This section features past support devoted to increasing the understanding of the attachment process through research, the sponsorship of conferences, and the development of media projects.  It also lists the recipients of the Bowlby- Ainsworth awards.


Mental Health Promotion  

List of articles and sites that address the current state of mental health in this country along with strategies that, if implemented widely, could promote mental health in children and their families. Included are a list of pediatric practices that are integrating mental health care toward this end.


Awards 2023

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New books 

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