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Sarah Blaffer Hrdy (U.C. Davis)

For Insights Into Alloparenting That Have Strengthened The Descriptive And Evolutionary Foundations Of Attachment Theory

             2023 Awardees


James S. Chisholm (Western Australia)

For Securing And Advancing The Comparative, Anthropological, And Evolutionary Foundations Of Attachment Theory 


Douglas M. Teti (Penn State)

For Securing The Place Of Longitudinal Naturalistic Observation In Studies Of Attachment Parenting, Infants, And Families


Patrick T. Davies (Rochester)

For Highlighting The Distinction And Relations Between Attachment And Emotional Security Systems In Family Contexts 


Theodore E. A. Waters (NYU / NYU‐AD) 

For Bridging The Gap Between The Secure Base Concept And The Coherence Of Adult Attachment Narratives ‐ Thereby Resolving A Deep Incoherence At The Heart Of Attachment Theory


K. Lee Raby (Utah)

For Significant Contributions To The Bowlby‐Ainsworth Tradition Through Collaboration And Mentoring.

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