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2021 Awardees

Jude Cassidy




For contributions to the theory of

attachment representations,

elevating attachment scholarship,

and generous mentoring

in the Bowlby-Ainsworth tradition.







Dante Cicchetti




For unparalleled scholarship and

innovative research on the importance

of experience in development,

and for securing the place of attachment theory

in developmental psychopathology.










E. Mark Cummings



For innovative research on the effects

of early exposure to family violence

and for conceptualizing and measuring

the continuum of Emotional Security.








Magaly Noblega


For innovative intervention studies

of maternal care and infant security

and for supporting attachment relationships

research in Latin America.







Harriet Waters


For insights into the cognitive structure

of attachment representations,

clarifying the Internal Working Models concept,

and measuring script-like attachment representations

across the lifespan.

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