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2011 Awardees


This year’s Awards acknowledge two senior scholars. One is a student of von Holst and Lorenz, whose work has made computational modeling a growing focus in attachment study. The other is an exceptionally creative researcher whose meta-analytic work has helped summarize the explosion of empirical findings that have flowed from Bowlby’s and Ainsworth’s insights.


We also recognize young contributors from Colombia and Portugal who, in addition to their empirical research, have advanced attachment study and helped guarantee its future through their teaching and generous mentoring.

Finally, this year’s awards recognize a scholar and friend of Mary Ainsworth whose commitment to observational research, generous mentoring, and support for the attachment research enterprise reflect and sustain the Bowlby-Ainsworth tradition. 


Founder Awards


Norbert Bischof





For Advancing Attachment Study Through

The Use of Control Systems Theory and Computational Modeling.


Marinus van IJzendoorn








For Creative Use of Meta-analytic Methods to Secure Key Results

From Three Generations of Attachment Study.


Contributor Awards


Olga Alicia Carbonell










For Helping Establish Attachment Study in Latin America

Through Mentoring and Translational Research.


Manuella Verissimo








Scientist and Mentor Who Has Taught Developmental and

Clinical Trainees the Value of the Secure Base Concept.



Special Award


Brian E. Vaughn







For Friendship to Mary Ainsworth, Generous Mentoring,

and Advancing Ethological Methods in Attachment Study.



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